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Liberator – well known company producing sex furniture & pillows has designed exclusively for Fleshlight a new line of hands free pleasure – Fleshlight Motion

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ILF is going to release next Fleshlight Girls addition. It will be a sex toy molded from superstar’s pussy – Jesse Jane. This new sex toy will be called the Jesse Jane Fleshlight. For now only same Jesse Jane herself is talking about it on twitter. ILF still did not made an official announcement. Jesse Jane Fleshlight will be honored with pornstar’s signature on it. This new fleshlight will be molded from actual Jesse Jane real pussy look. I think that texture used inside Jesse Jane Fleshlight will be the Lotus. It is made with a new texture color – skin tone. It could be something totally shocking, but skin tone color is also ok. It really fantastic that that ILF is releasing new product to Fleshlight Girls collection. Jesse Jane Fleshlight will be made of Real Feel Superskin material. It feels like real pussy. I can’t wait for this new fleshlight to try. There are rumors that Jesse is going to work in vip escort service Dubai soon.

jesse_jane fleshlight

Do you know who the Jesse Jane is? She is a beautiful blonde, with green eyes. This superstar was born in Ft. Worth,Texas. Her career lasts only three years. Her first steps were in 2005, when she starred as UnRated Magazine’s Vixen. Than she has featured a role on HBO’s “Entourage” and after that she played in Baywatch: The Movie. In March 2006, Jesse Jane with her friend Kirsten Price were hosting the Playboy’s most popular live shows named “Night Calls”. Than in 2009 Jesse featured in the reality show “The Bad Girls Club”. Now she will promote her own, Jesse Jane Fleshlight. I can’t wait when Jesse Fleshlight will be launched and I will have an opportunity to try Fleshlight based on her pussy.

succu dry fleshlight

Do you want to try some hard fucking and biting? If so, you need to buy Succu Dry fleshlight. A sex toy with fangs. Succu Dry has been launches especially for Halloween 2009. Succu Dry Fleshlight is the fourth sex toy in a Sex in a Can collection. You can always hide it and it look like ordinary can. This vampire inspired fleshlight is the world’s first sex toy with fangs. Succu Dry Fleshlight has got inside a totally new sleeve “The Fang”, watch out it bites! This Fleshlight Sleeve has got also an unique undead pale sleeve color. Like every fleshlight it is made of the same Real Feel Super Skin material. Succu Dry Fleshlight is promoted by the really hard-core girl – Masuimi Max. This half American half Korean girl is a well known fetish model. She is famous for her unique tattoos and for her and her interest in several fetishes. If you’re ready for hard ride don’t wait and order Succu Dry Fleshlight before it will be too late!

succu dry masuimi max

lotus sleeve from fleshlight

If you want to fuck some fleshlight and you want to feel the same sensation like with the real pussy – Buy the LOTUS Fleshlight. The Lotus was made to give you the most realistic vaginal intercourse sensation ever. The interior of this revolutionary fleshlight sleeve begins with a very smooth but tight entry, then it transforms a bit wider. – Exactly like inside a real young woman vagina. The Lotus Fleshlight sleeve has got inside an specially designed inverted node. This node provides more intense stimulation to the whole dick giving you incredible fucking pleasure. At the end of the Lotus Fleshlight Sleeve there are fantastic four pleasure chambers which makes this insert unforgettable. If you want to have an incredible realistic sex with a fleshlight sleeve, the Lotus will blow your desires way above the limit.

lotus fleshlight sleeve

Build Your Own Fleshlight

Build Your Own Fleshlight® is one of the best offers released by ILF, the fleshlight producer. It is so, because you can compose a fleshlight that will fit your own preferences. You can precisely choose how your future fleshlight will look. You can order every element of it and fleshlight is creating it espacially for you. Shortly after that your desired fleshlight will be delivered straight to your door. Amazed? So that’s why Build Your Own Fleshlight offer is so fantastic. To Build your Own Fleshlight you need to select every part of your fleshlight like entry, sleeeve’s texture and color of your sex toy. Choosing these parts of your fleshlight you have to know that texture it is the most important. Texture creates the whole character of your fleshlight because it keeps the full contact with your penis. Every texture is different, with various intense levels, so you have you choose it wisely. On Fleshlight official site are available over 224 combinations to select from! To build your very own Fleshlight you have to pass through 3 easy steps, describing how your future fleshlight will be. Take a look at this short instruction:

-1- First you need to click any of the banners on this site. (to get the 10% coupon code)
-2- Now you need to select orifice(entry) and color of you fleshlight. (Lady, Butt, Mouth, Stealth) (Pink/Ice).
-3- On a 3rd step you need to select the proper texture. Pick it wisely – it’s the most important selection! (Wonder wave, Speed bump, Super Ribbed, Original, Super tight, ultra tight)
-4- Pick the fleshlight Case color. (Black, Silver, Blue or Clear)
-5- It is time for Coupon Code – “BUILDIT”. Inside order form paste this code in a special box and you will receive 10% discount.

coupon code build your own fleshlight

vibro fleshlight

The Fleshlight Vibro™ is a new fleshlight way of creating pleasure. This is new generation of fleshlight sex toys. How Fleshlight Vibro works? It has got totally new vibrating system that no other male sex toy can give you. Vibro is a secret that is hidden in sleeve construction. Each fleshlight vibro sleeve features a tiny holsters where you can insert vibrating bullets. Those bullets are mini vibrating engines that works with “watch” batteries. They are small enough to fit perfectly to the sleeve’s pockets. To make your desires more intense you can put up to three bullets inside Fleshlight Vibro Sleeve. You can decide how intensive will be your sensation. Inserting only one vibrating bullet intense level will be very delicate, putting three of them, the sensations will blow your mind. Three bullet holsters are hidden on the back face of each vibro sleeve. Every Fleshlight Vibro Sleeve has got measurments of ordinary fleshlight sleeve, and just like them are made from patented Real Feel SuperSkin. ILF released the Fleshlight Vibro edition in three versions. First is the Original Fleshlight inner texture, others are two totally new inner textures – The Touch fleshlight sleeve and the Cyclone fleshlight sleeve. All of them were specially designed to Fleshlight Vibro line.

fleshlight vibro

fleshlight mounts

Fleshlight Mounts is the best hand free challenge for everybody. With this ILF devices you can stabilize your fleshlight to enhance the fucking simulation. It is great I’ve tried these devices and they’re great. You can put you fleshlight inside the Mount and fuck it as hard as it possible without using a hands. Fleshlight Mounts can change everyday masturbation into a hard fucking challenge. Believe me, it will blow your dick off! Only problem with Fleshlight Mounts is the way of keeping it in secret. They need much space to hide, but the bottom of wardrobe under the blanket is a perfect place in my personal situation. So what to tell more….Fleshlight Mounts is a collection of four devices helping with your fucking problem.

Buy Fleshlight Mounts NOW!

With each device you can do it in different way. Double Dog Dare you can mount two orifices and have the doggy style with your fleshlight. Top Dog Fleshlight is the best for doggy style but has only one hole to mount. On A Mission is designed to use fuck your fleshlight in missionary style. There’s also the newest Fleshlight Mount Device – Two Play. It is ergonomically designed device that can give all the angles for all the right positions. Two Play Fleshlight is the best way to mount up by yourself or with a partner. All fleshlight Mount Devices are perfect for hands-free fucking experience and stamina training techniques. All the devices includes microfiber base with the Hit The Floor Motion Pad.

fleshlight mounts